Friday, January 29, 2016

Salpingectomy - A Method to Permanently Prevent Pregnancy

Dr. Max Izbicki is a Chicago Il obstetrician and gynecologist. As well as providing short- and long-term forms of reversible birth control, Dr. Max Izbicki performs procedures for women who desire permanent birth control through sterilization.

For women who have not recently given birth and desire permanent birth control a laparoscopic approach is often the best option. Sterilization by laparoscopy is a common procedure used to perform tubal sterilization. Salpingectomy is a method of sterilization that involves complete removal of the fallopian tubes. Once the fallopian tubes are removed sperm can no longer reach the egg. Salpingectomy may be preferable to other forms of tubal sterilization because this procedure eliminates the chance of a failed procedure and reduces the risk of some types of ovarian and tubal cancer.

Laparoscopy enables the physician to remove the tubes by making one small incision in the navel and one or two small additional incisions. These smaller incision reduces recovery time after surgery and the risk of complications. In most cases, the woman can leave the surgery facility within 4 hours after laparoscopy. Laparoscopy provides a safe and convenient form of contraception. Once completed, no further steps are needed to prevent pregnancy. Tubal ligation also does not change a woman's menstrual cycle or cause menopause.

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